Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

Don't Want Manipulated

Watch and listen to an objective, not only words but also the message delivered. dirty maneuvers can disrupt your ability to explore the facts. when emotions creep in your mind, take a moment and consider your feelings of the giver's message and the message itself. if you hear the messages that are similar to the manipulator above the message, shut up and evaluation of the situation again. Do not act rashly and emotionally. wait and gather the facts objectively, so you do not become the hand puppets naughty.

At least there are 7 common factors used by the manipulators:
The first sense of guilt, for example:
"How do you correct it? I am truly disappointed that you did not believe me. I do not know you are really ready."

second; intimidation, for example:
"What's the problem, can not you make a decision? What you do not have enough confidence to do this?"

third; fishing ego, for example:
"I see you are intelligent people. I just do not want to let the golden opportunity pass you. How is it possible? Me, you are like myself."

fourth; fear, for example:
"You know, you could lose this golden opportunity. I am very sure that you know what you are doing. I'm telling you that you will never have this chance again. This is the last chance to make it a reality. why do you want to miss a golden opportunity this? "

fifth; curiosity, for example:
"Remember, you only live once. Let alone. You certainly could go back to its original state. It would be nice, mengasikan. You'll never know unless you try it, and you may regret later."

sixth; our desire to be liked, for example:
"I think, you like challenges. Other people think so. It is very disappointing when you do not come with us. Come on, no one likes it when there's someone back ... this opportunity to prove you like what you are."

seventh; love, for example:
"If ye love me, you're not going to ask me that. Of course, I really sincerely love you. I can not lie to you. You know what is in my heart right? We will have a wonderful relationship if you allow yourself to dissolve and undergo sweet things that await us in the future. "

which the goal is to divert you from logic to emotion and drag you to enter the trap. because they know that they can not beat the facts.

hopefully this article useful and manipulated ....... DO NOT WANT

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